INTRO – Introduction to Yoga for beginners. No experience necessary. This 6 week course introducers you to the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga. Asana (postures), Pranayama (correct breathing), and Nidra (relaxation).

PROGRESSIVE 1 – Follows on after the Intro course. P.1 is a set Vinyasa (flow style) course which will develope your understanding of the fundamentals presented in the Intro course.

PROGRESSIVE 2 – Follow on after P.1. P.2 is a set Vinyasa (flow style) course which challenges the student physically and mentally, expanding awareness and knowledge of the practices of Vinyasa Yoga.

ASHTANGA YOGA – Led Primary series as taught by Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, Mysor India. Ashtanga Yoga is taught as a set sequence of Asanas (postures) linked with the breath. The Asanas (postures) are designed in a specific order to align and detoxify the body and nervous system. Developing physical strengh, greater flexibility and mental clarity.

PRE-NATAL YOGA – Pre-Natal yoga is a powerful tool that assists during pregnancy, birth and recovery. Yoga developes a deep connection with your body and unborn baby. The practices support an instinctive approach to pregnancy and birth. Partners and supporters are encouraged to attend.

MUMS AND BUBS – Post-Natal Yoga, supporting your recovery, increacing strength, tone and well-being with your baby in a non-competitive environment. Basic postures, breathing techniques and relaxation.

CORPORATE YOGA – Corporate Holistic Services. Create a more balanced, positive and effective workforce in the workplace, at the desk or on your next corporate seminar, retreat or workshop. Yogaways offers qualified and insured dedicated teachers available to teach at your location or ours.

Work Guided Rlaxations: 30-45mins. A systematic technique to induce complete physical, emotional and mental relaxation. Also available on CD.
Work Yoga class: 45-1hour. Held in the workplace before work or lunchtimes.
Your desk relievers: Breathing and stretching techniques practiced at your desk to relieve tension and stress. Improving circulation, reducing fatique and anxiety.
For more information on how Yoga can bring balance to your workplace and workforce contact Mardi.
ONE TO ONE SESSIONS – Deepen your practice and your understanding of Yoga or address certain health issues during a private session. Bookings essential and a cancellation fee applies.